Capital Karts has continued improvements to the circuit by making the turn 1 Monaco extension as discussed in our previous blog.

The newest extension although subtle and only around 5 metres longer than the previous corner is proving successful with drivers and the staff.

Turn 1 Monaco Extension

Business Development Manager John Kerr added “The turn 1 monaco extension is designed to remove the structural pillars from having an effect on the racing and our new kart tire apex barrier system seems to be working very well and absorbing the impacts of customers who misjudge the corner. This reduces the issues we can get from hard impacts against our plastic pods which can fracture. We have also slightly changed the adjacent straight on the exit to one single barrier to increase track width and leave a good run off area. Average lap times are up to around 80 seconds now with the current fastest lap being 73.361 seconds.”

New Circuit Layout Changes – Coming Soon

When asked about future track changes John hinted “We are looking at some major track changes scheduled for the end of February included the introduction of a new 73 metre straight and the removal of the very narrow race control hairpin which is no-ones favourite corner. These track changes will be done in two sections and we have a good balance in our staff of ex pro karters, racing drivers and beginners which has given us a good insight into what all our customers will think of the changes.”

To get more information on our other recent track changes see this last blog about “The Swimming Pool” our new S bend which is proving highly popular with our customers although it is very tricky to get right.

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