Go Kart Racing London

Become the racer of your dreams with a track to test the best

Test The Capital Karts Track

You don’t see Jenson and Lewis racing London around 20-25 second lap circuits in their Formula 1 cars and neither should you have to in go kart racing London. Offering the biggest track, the longest laps and the best go karts, the Capital Karts racing London experience is not to be missed! At almost three times the length of most go karting London tracks, and with a surface area greater than that of Wembley, our indoor go karting racing track is by far the longest in the UK.

Track Overview

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Capital Karts – Google Street View

Capital Karts Johnny Herbert Karting Challenge

Capital Karts – Helmet Camera (Available to Hire)

It’s not just the length of our laps that make us stand out, though, as our racing track has been designed with input from the same company that manufacture barrier systems for Formula 1, and is set up to offer the UK’s ultimate indoor go karting experience, whether you are getting into a kart for the very first time or are a professional racing driver our go karting track will blow you away.

Features of Our Go Kart Racing Track

  • The Longest Kart Racing London Track in the UK at almost three times the length of a standard racing track
  • Eighty metre main straight for speeds in excess of 45mph
  • More than twenty fast, flowing corners, perfect for overtaking
  • Average track width of eight metres
  • Average lap times of more than one minute and eighteen seconds
  • Up to 25 karts per race
  • Unparalleled safety features
  • World-class timing system
  • Ultra smooth racing surface for maximum speed