Today we bring you the latest go kart upgrades, designs and mods. Here are just some of the craziest we’ve found from around the world!

1. Suitcase Go Kart

First, the suitcase go kart. That’s right! It’s a suitcase. It’s a kart. Carry the case, fold it out, a few clicks here and there and hey presto – you’ve got a fully working mini kart.
Go Kart that folds into a suitcase.

Here’s a video of the incredibly convenient suitcase go kart. Just look at it go!

2. Go Kart With a Honda Fireblade Engine

Is this the craziest and scariest kart you’ve ever laid eyes on? Probably! It has a Honda 1000 Fireblade engine out of a CBR1000RR which means this kart races from 0 to 60mph in a gut-wrenching 2.4 seconds. Crazy? It gets better! The kart’s top speed is an amazing 186 mph. Have you got what it takes to handle this beast?

3. 100mph Go Kart

The super-charged fun just keeps on coming with this compact kart topping out at speeds in excess of 100mph; ideal for the fearless racer in you! Check out this flying machine below.

4. Jet Powered Kart

You want to see a jet-powered kart? Of course you do. Thanks to wacky inventor extraordinaire, Colin Furze, and our friends over at Top Gear, we bring you video evidence of a homemade jet powered kart, right below.

5. Mad Max Go Karts

If you loved the high octane action of Mad Max: Fury Road then check out this go kart paintball war remake. All the action, thrills and spills of the Hollywood blockbuster, only even more fun.

6. Honda CBR 900RR Engine Go Kart

See what happens when you find a team willing and crazy enough to take a regular kart and fit it with a Honda CBR 900RR. As you’ll see in this video, the results are awesome and you know you’ll be dreaming of making this mod your reality.

7. 525hp Go Kart

When boys get bigger, so do their toys. This one is definitely for the grown-ups: a monster weighing in at 1696lbs and boasting 525hp, thanks to a Chevrolet LS3 which you’ll normally find under the hood of a Chevy. It’s all yours.

8. Batman Kart

If you liked the Mad Max-inspired karts, you’ll love this Batman kart. Check out the story of one man’s successful quest to go from kart to Batmobile.

9. Shrub Kart

This is genius, plain and simple. Is it a hedge? Is it a kart? No! It’s both. Welcome to the Terrestrial Shrub Rover. The solar powered kart is the brainchild of artist, Justin Shull. See it in it’s mind-bending glory below.

10. Trolley Kart

Have you ever raced shopping trolleys with your friends? It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone. How about this suped up shopping trolley that will get you from A to B rapidly. Check out the mod these guys have made as they tear up the street of Paris.