Having operated for nearly 2 years Capital Karts are still deliberating on whether or not the blue flag should be enforced. For those of you who don’t know what a blue flag is, it is shown to slower drivers who are being overtaken and signals them to move off the racing line to allow faster drivers to pass. However no matter how many briefings, safety dvd’s and instructions from our staff a large percentage of customers still don’t get it.

Formula 1 is the only form of motorsport where obeying the blue flag is compulsory and in all forms of karting it is displayed as an non-compulsory advisory flag.

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So…Should Capital Karts use Blue Flags? All faster drivers would say absolutely yes however beginners and slower drivers may not know what the racing line is. Asking them to move off a line they have never been on can cause issues.

Here at Capital we are considering some added warning signs to tell drivers what the blue flag is while on track and instructions to signal them to move over. With all of this in mind is it fairer to not use the flags and just accept that faster drivers have to overtake slower drivers without assistance. Does this make it totally fair?

Should Capital Karts Use Blue Flags

What are your thoughts? Should Capital Karts use blue flags? Even in formula 1 there is an argument about their usage.

Next we have the issue of what happens if someone ignores a blue flag? Should someone be given a drive through penalty for not allowing race leaders to pass? Strictly speaking it is optional so should it be forced upon a driver.

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