Open Karting Championship

Round Ten Results

Karting Championship | Round Ten Race Report

The final normal points round began with another solid entry of 18 drivers including some welcome new drivers.

Qualifying started off with the early pace being set by Alex Bridger who held onto the provisional pole for over half the session. After some fraught kart changes from drivers Elia Evagora emerged as quickest with just a few minutes to go and held on for pole with a 72.681. Luke Winter took his highest qualifying yet on a 73.852 in 2nd and Alex Bridger staying in 3rd on a 73.921.

The grid got reversed which left Glenn Waterman and Alfredas Gricius on the front row. They set off and the pole sitters set an early pace but after a poor qualifying Has Khalid got to the front on lap 3 and a great battle ensued with Elia Evagora nut ultimately he couldn’t get through and Has held on for the victory, Elia was 2nd and Adam Blair climbed through the field for 3rd place.

The grid was set for the final race of the evening with Alfredas on pole and it was a foregone conclusion as he romped away for the win by over 11 seconds. Zsolt Endredy keeping his decent run of results up in 2nd place and Anthony Ballanger coming in 3rd place as the field managed to spread themselves out. Anthony claimed a minor victory by setting a new lap record of 71.752.

With the next 2 rounds being double points for all things are looking very close at the top of the points especially with the drop scores coming into play.

Written by Championship Promoter : Stacy Lawday

Karting Championship Round Ten Results

Position Driver Name Total Points
1st Alex Bridger 34
2nd Luke Winter 30
3rd Anthony Ballanger 21
4th Elia Evagora 20
5th Alfredas Gricius 20
6th Adam Blair 148
7th Zsolt Endredy 17
8th Daryl Palmer 14
9th Joao Regis 7
10th Has Khalid 6
11th Glenn Waterman 1


* = Penalty Deduction
Driver: Has Khalid
Penalty: -5 Points