80m straight at Capital Karts

Karting Championship | Round Five Race Report

Round 5 came around and 20 drivers arrived to continue the points chase. To spice things up the round was to be run on the reverse circuit, a first for Capital Karts.

Drivers headed out into the unknown for qualifying with some extra time added so everyone could acclimatise themselves with the different layout. The times began slightly less impressively than usual but once everyone started to grasp the circuit the top drivers started to make their presence felt. Elia Evagora and Daryl Palmer were early pacesetters but ultimately Alfredas

Gricius came to the top and was never pushed off that spot finishing with a 73.867. Elia Evagora held onto 2nd with a 74.088 and Daryl Palmer 3rd on a 74.259.

A quick turnaround and drivers were assembled for race 1 of the evening in the reverse grid order, unfortunately 4 of the newer drivers not making the lap time cut off and having to start at the rear of the field. First time racer James Harrison led the field away and began to extend a surprise early lead. David Stephens was closely following in 2nd but all eyes were on Has Khalid coming from near the back and was making a series of spectacular overtakes which wowed the staff and spectators alike. He found himself at the front halfway through the race and David Stephens followed through into 2nd and this was how the top 2 finished. David celebrating a best ever race finish thus far. Anthony Ballanger came home 3rd and he was also playing his joker round ensuring a good haul of points.

The final race came around and the grid and karts were reversed. Joao Regis was starting in 2nd and has also played his joker meaning a good point’s score was available. He took the lead early on followed by running mate Hugo Marques and that was how the top 2 finished in an uneventful race for the win. However the same couldn’t be said for the race for the remaining positions.

Has, Daryl and Anthony were charging through whilst Elia also playing his joker was held up in the mid field resulting in a non-points scoring race. Has overtook Daryl late on for 3rd place; however Daryl was suffering from an injury no doubt hampering his progress.

A good haul of points came from our joker drivers meaning with the noticeable absence of Adam Blair, Anthony Ballanger now tops the leader board. Has Khalid remains 2nd but is yet to play his joker and Daryl Palmer is now back up to 3rd. Adam is currently back in 4th but again also yet to play his joker. We hit the halfway stage next time out in round 6 on Monday 21st November at 19:30.

Written by Championship Promoter : Stacy Lawday