Capital Karts has started 2015 by making the first new corner track change of several to come in 2015. “The Complex” section of our track has been extended to give yet another great overtaking spot and so far it is proving highly popular with our regulars.

Having listened to feedback from our customers over the last year we have added an extension to “the complex” This wide sweeping hair pin style S bend will provide a great overtaking spot and has initially added around 4 seconds to the average lap times.

You can see from the photo that the red area of the circuit was a marshal zone and this is now the “swimming pool corner”

New Corner Capital Karts

“The swimming pool” as the new corner is named is already starting to grip up and Business Development Manager John Kerr said “The new corner will keep the track fresh and give a great overtaking spot. The corner has started taking rubber and we are now finding around 3 seconds of a difference for faster drivers in the lap times compared with the old layout. The second part of the ‘S’ bend has also been extended away from the pillars and this change is small in comparison to our future track changes that are coming soon”

When quizzed about what what to come General Manager Luke Caudle added “We have designed many changes to the circuit for early 2015 and the next one will involve a subtle change to turn 1 “monaco” which will also be extended by around 2 metres and then we have a major change to the middle section of the track which will involve redesigning the whole centre of the circuit from “holyfields” corner all the way to “Flynn’s Sweep. This change will involve closing the track for a few days in late January/early February but is needed for us to remove the “Race Control Hairpin” which we are finding is too narrow on the exit.”

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