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Prepare to be amazed by our fast and powerful RiMO Alpha go kart range.

The Best Indoor Go Karts

Go Kart like never before with our awesome RiMO go kart range. Used at prestigious racing tracks around the world, including the Michael and Ralf Schumacher tracks in Germany, they simply provide the best go kart experience available.

Selected for their power, performance and speed, these go karts will enable you to experience that authentic racing feeling as you fly around our track. Featuring powerful Honda LPG tuned 200cc engines that give you maximum power.

Our nationally unrivaled track, based in London, plays host to some of the best commercially available go karts, combined with our superb race track, you’re able to experience speeds of up to 45mph and truly challenging cornering.

With a smooth racing surface, rapid karts and comprehensive safety features, you can be sure you’ll have a great experience at Capital Karts.

With thirty adult Alpha karts in our fleet we can cater to groups of any age or size, whether you are racing with family and friends or looking to bond your workforce together.

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Our Alpha go kart can be driven by anyone over the age of 16 which will be restricted for ages 12 to 15 unless providing an MSA license, making Capital Karts the perfect location for anything from a child’s birthday party to a corporate event in London. Having the best go karts available to drive means that we can offer the best experience in London.

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