Capital Karts management team have been debating whether or not to introduce an optional extra to our packages with the installation of weight boxes and ballast for each driver.

Go Karting Weights Go Karting Weight Boxes

This would simply even up the weight of each kart and driver to ensure fairer racing however we have come across a few debatable issues.

Would people feel uncomfortable standing on a set of scales and being potentially forced into a situation where they were embarrassed about their weight in front of 23+ other drivers?

Would this embarrassment be even worse if we do not have enough ballast to balance the karts as we only have a maximum of 30kg to add to our go karting weight boxes?

Should we potentially do the weigh ins in private?

Should weigh ins be an optional extra only for exclusive groups?

Simply put we do not want to make our customers feel uncomfortable in any way although we do realise that some groups want the racing to be as fair as possible.

After doing some research we have not found an indoor karting track anywhere that is using go karting weight boxes and we are wondering if it is worth the effort of if we are potentially putting our customers in an uncomfortable position as some people may be sensitive about their weight.