80m straight at Capital Karts

Open Karting Championship : Round Five

Karting Championship | Round Five Race Report Round 5 came around and 20 drivers arrived to continue the points chase. To spice things up the round was to be run on the reverse circuit, a first for Capital Karts. Drivers … Read More

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Open Karting Championship : Round Three

Karting Championship | Round Three Race Report A slightly depleted field of 21 drivers assembled for round 3 of the Open Karting Championship which meant drivers would be racing all in for the 2 races. A familiar looking field with … Read More

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Open Karting Championship : Round Four

Karting Championship | Round Four Race Report Another solid entry of 21 drivers gathered for the 4th round of the championship. 3 new drivers came to make up some points and encouragingly will all be returning again. As previously the … Read More

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Open Karting Championship : Round Two

Round Two Race Report 34 drivers arrived to do battle in round 2 of the Open Karting Championship. Several new drivers were looking to maximise points after missing round 1 including former lap record holder Jack Norman. After another random … Read More

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Open Karting Championship : Round One

Karting Championship : Round One Race Report A superb entry of 33 drivers gathered for the inaugural round of Capital Karts new Open Karting Championship. All drivers were randomly split into 2 groups for their racing during the evening with … Read More

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Karters approaching the chequered flag

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Go Karting

Most people regard go karting as a bit of fun, but there are also lots of health benefits to be enjoyed from participating in this activity. Here are 10 of them: Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution … Read More

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Womens Go Karting: Do Females Race & Compete?

Unfortunately, like a lot of sports, go karting can appear to be male dominated at the highest level. However, there are lots of inspiring female drivers out there and the only way to tackle the male stereotyping is for more … Read More

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Karter taking the inside lane

How To Get Sponsored

Getting sponsored is an extremely exciting step in your go karts career. However, finding sponsors definitely isn’t easy. You need to be determined and persistent and prepared to receive a few knockbacks before you eventually secure sponsorship. Look locally Big … Read More

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80m straight at capital karts

Finding The Racing Line

If you want to lift a trophy in a go karts tournament, any good racer will tell you that strategy is just as important as speed. A cool nerve and sharp reflexes can take you a long way, but the … Read More

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two competitive karters

The Best Ways To Overtake

If you want to get ahead in a go karting race, it’s important to know how to get past your competition. Overtaking is one of the most important skills you can learn on the track – get it right and … Read More

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