Karting is a fun and rewarding activity for people of all ages. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t dreamed of the thrill of racing at some point in their life? With so many fun options, karting really is for just about everyone. So, whether you are racing against friends for a special occasion party, out with work colleagues, or just fancy popping down to the track to see what the competition is like on any given day, you’ll want to be armed with all the necessary hints and tips to ensure that you’re the one on the top step of the podium.

Next time you slip into a race suit and pull on the helmet and gloves, make sure you’ve got a good grip on Capital Karts’ go karting tips for beginners

1. Get Into The Correct Seating Position

Although this sounds like a pretty basic instruction, it really is the starting point in your quest for everlasting go karting glory and eternal bragging rights over anyone and everyone at the track. Get your seating position correct and you’ll be accelerating away from the pack. Ideally, you want to be seated with your back resting comfortable against the seat, with the steering wheel at a relaxed arm’s length. Try not to lean or hunch forward, as this reduces your speed.

2. Take A Symmetrical Grip On The Steering Wheel

Take a firm but relaxed grip on the wheel, with your hands directly opposed. If you’ve had driving lessons, think of the ‘hands at 10 to 2’ instruction. It’s actually not necessary to be at 10 and 2, so long as your hands are symmetrically placed (9 and 3, for example, is fine). This type of grip will prevent you from having to adjust grip when moving in or out of turns, maintaining your speed.

3. Maintain Your Momentum

You can do this by being aware of what is ahead of you. Look ahead on track to enable you to anticipate the manoeuvres you’ll need to make to best position yourself in turns and when overtaking. In doing so, you’ll maintain momentum, and high momentum equals speed.

4. Straight Lines Are The Shortest Route To Victory

Keeping the kart in straight lines for the maximum amount of distance covered ensures the highest speeds. Sounds simple, right? Resist the temptation to approach slower drivers by swerving and dramatically overtaking. The less you divert from your straight line, the more you maintain speed.

5. A Smooth Drive Is A Fast Drive

Following on from the straight line tip, ensure you keep the straight line speed as much as possible by making your turns smooth and gradual – that means no sudden movements! Similarly, alternating between acceleration and braking to manage track placement only serves to slow you down overall.

6. Don’t Dab At The Brake When Turning

An effective turn is smooth and gradual. Choose the right line and you will maintain maximum available traction.

Happy racing!