Most motorists love driving, particularly on a sunny day, on an open road, when we can cruise along and forget our troubles. However, there are other times when driving can be a real chore. Most drivers will agree that certain situations cause so much stress that it takes all the fun out of getting behind the wheel.

Read on to find out Capital Karts’ 15 things people hate about driving:

1. Drivers who never indicate are a frequent cause of despair, especially those who pull out in front of you on the motorway. You start shouting to yourself, “No need to indicate, I’m a mind reader!” to relieve pent-up frustration.

2. Traffic jams are another source of anxiety. You’re cruising along, enjoying the drive, when you see that dreaded queue of tail lights up ahead, stretching over the horizon.

3. Most drivers hate speed bumps. There’s nothing worse than driving along at night, at a reasonable speed, when you feel the familiar “thud” as you go over a speed bump that you haven’t noticed in the dark.

4. All motorists hate caravans. The only ones who like them are caravan-owners. The worst experience for a driver is cruising along an A-road when you spot a caravan ahead, with a queue of about 20 cars behind and no room to overtake.

5. Pot holes are a serious cause for concern. They cause a total of £2.8 billion worth of damage to UK vehicles every year! Yet still nothing is done as you continue to bounce along.

6. Some drivers think the speed limits are set too low, particularly on the motorway, where there’s long been a campaign to increase it from 70mph to 80mph.

7. De-icing the car on a harsh winter morning causes numb fingers and often freezing cold feet. This isn’t the best way to start your journey, particularly if you’re late for work.

8. Many motorists agree that speed cameras have taken all the fun out of driving, as you’re so preoccupied looking for the dreaded yellow box that you continually feel anxious.

9. Bad drivers cause much frustration, with motorists claiming “idiots” who cut you up, or who suddenly swerve in front of you to turn right without warning, are particularly irritating.

10. Motorway driving is a source of pain, from the endless, boring stretches to those huge, scary lorries that speed up behind you and then sit on your tail.

11. Drivers who speed just for the sake of it are a major irritation. They go flying past you, revving furiously and cutting back in front of you, for no apparent reason at all.

12. If you’ve ever been tailgated by a car that’s so close you can see the driver’s facial expressions in your rear-view mirror, you’ll know the anger this can cause, especially on the motorway when you’re in the slow lane.

13. A fear of missing your motorway exit due to being in the wrong lane makes some drivers anxious, particularly in rush hour if you find yourself stuck in the centre lane.

14. Driving in bad weather is another thing people hate, whether it’s driving down the motorway in rain so heavy that all you can see is spray, or navigating snow and ice on the roads.

15. Rude drivers cause frustration, especially the ones who fail to even flash their lights momentarily to thank you for waiting for five minutes so that they can come through the other way.